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Partners that make it Possible

Thanks to all of our partners, sponsors, and all those help make Special Olympics possible. We are grateful to each and every one of you for making a difference in the lives of our athletes. If you know of an organization or someone who would like to partner with us please find out about our sponsorship opportunities and please reach out.



We are grateful to the area facilities that allow us to get our practice time in.

Menomonee Falls School District
Our basketba
ll, swimming, track & field, and flag football offerings would not be possible without the use of their gym, pool, track, etc.


Village Bowl 
Home to our bowling practices and other fundraisers.

Golf Courses

Songbird Hills
BlackStone Creek
Silver Spring Golf Course


Annual Road Rally

Our largest annual fundraiser, Jeep Day, is thanks in part to Performance Off-Road, Badgerland 4x4 Club, The UPS Store (Brookfield), and ABC Fundraising.



Knights of Columbus

MJM Screen Print & Embroidery Studio - providing apparel such as our agency, customized shirts.

Volunteers and More
Waukesha Elks Lodge - food tips on specified fish fry Fridays are donated to us.
Germantown School District - each swim practice, the Girl's Swim Team is assisting in training athletes in their technique, improving their strokes, breathing, diving, and much more.

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