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Sponsorship Opportunities

We hope you’ll join us in making a difference in the lives of our athletes and families. There are many ways one can help beyond volunteering.


Uniforms, Apparel, and Equipment

Provide athletes with uniforms and equipment in each sport (basketball, bowling, swimming, volleyball, track & field, golf) they participate in and provide coaches with shirts for representation at meets and tournaments.


In opening ceremonies during meets and tournaments we represent our team with a banner. The banner also is used in parades, team photo opportunities, and a way for families to easily spot us and their athletes. It is also used in staging during meets to keep our athletes organized, providing a meeting location.

Arranging Bottles


We host fundraisers, where we hold raffles, and provide food and fun. Assistance in promoting, setup, food and beverage and prizes all help raise funds for our mission.

Other events include banquets and volunteer appreciation for all they have given to our organization.


Sponsorship can come in many forms for our agency, whether it be a venue for practice, tournaments, or a fundraiser.

Funds for apparel or equipment - basketball uniforms, swimsuits, shirts for golf, bowling, and volunteer coaches. Equipment includes basketballs, volleyballs, snowshoes, footballs, golf clubs, flags, track and field pieces – batons, shotput balls, javelins, softballs and the associated storage needed.

Please reach out to assist in making a difference.

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